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Self-Perception stands between you and an​ Influential You!

Uproot fears and self doubts that stop you from Success, Influence and Growth!

The ultimate Power Personality Detector from India's 1st Perception Changer 

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The brains behind Perception Mapping and it's impact on every life

Nehaa Beotra Puranik


Nehaa is India's first Perception Changing Expert, on a mission to help people overcome their internal barriers and transcend from being Over-thinkers to Action-takers through her 5-D System of SUCCESS.  

She is a well-known life coach, Unplugged by TEDx Gateway Speaker, Certified Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Certified Psychometric Assessor . 

Her expertise is her powerful way of connecting with people and helping them tap into their brilliance that manifests into real change from within - whether for an individual, a team or an organisation. 

Gaurav Puranik 

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist - THINQ ON PURPOSE

He is the mind reservoir of the brand. Passionate about music, amateur cook, crazy about technology, probably describes him the best. 

He brings over 18 years of experience in delivering business outcomes worth several million dollars for startups and global IT giants. Gaurav is an ace player at business strategy, business development and marketing. Now, his primary objective is to create massive transformation in people's lives and get them moving.  

Hey Action Taker! I'm glad you're thinking about connecting with me!

  • Wondering how to uproot fears and self-doubts?  
  • Tiered of seeing others grow in life?
  • Do you feel that people around you take you for granted?
  • Do you want to take charge of your life but something is holding you back?
  • Do you find difficult to take decsions and stand by it?  
  • Finding it challenging to showcase your good work to your boss?  
  • Don't feel influential or successful enough? 

I'm glad you are thinking about yourself first! 

You are in the absolute right place and you know what, am always going to be there for you!

My passion is to give you breakthroughs by eliminating your internal struggles, self-doubts that hold you back in making effective decisions & taking inspired action in life. 

I am on a mission to help you create unimaginable levels of Confidence, Clarity, Purpose in your life

Today I am successful, I make a difference to people's life and people want to connect with me. But my life wasn't always like this!

I have suffered from lack of confidence, fears (failure, rejection, embarrassment etc) at the deepest level where I was stuck in a mental trap of overthinking for more than 11 years . I had an immovable body with an incurable disease, confined to a belittling, disturbing relationship and a professional life where I was working to get by and not get ahead. I just felt SO STUCK! The "quality" of my life was going from bad to worse everyday. I felt extremely sad and empty within. It is not that I didn't want to change things for myself, but every-time I wanted to take "ACTION" something within me held me back. I just didn't know what to do?  

Unlike majority of people who stay stuck throughout their lives , I chose to break this pattern & recreate my reality in 5 steps. It brought me tremendous Success, Influence and Recognition. And am here to share my 5-D system with aspiring action takers like you so that you can take charge of your life and make it limitless too! 

It brought me tremendous Success, Influence and Recognition and ow this system can be yours ! 

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Personalised one to one mentoring

"Your Success" is our Goal.  

Which is why Nehaa offers personalized one to one mentoring to action takers who want

  • Deep Dive Discovery of all pertinent issues
  • Personal attention
  • Detailed Q&A
  • Action Planning
  • Consistency through supported accountability
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  • 3 days of power-packed workshops with Nehaa. 
  • This is your ultimate solution to overcome any struggle in your Personal growth
  • Become the action taker you always wanted to.
  • Build in a strong beleif system that works for you.
  • Become a powerful communicator who speaks with confidence and ease. 
  • Become an effective decision maker 
  • Grow your personal power and become influential 
  • Re-design the life that you truly desire and deserve!  

Exclusive Member Group

Growth Accelerator Club

Boost your self confidence
  • Join this private Facebook group for FREE
  • Weekly live discussions 
  • Interviews 
  • Mindset & emotion set Q&A ..much more! 
  • Also get access to like-minded and inspired action takers who want to live life on their own terms

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What our customers are saying

I had put my personal growth on back burner for a very long time. All this while I kept on thinking WHY AM I NOT GROWING professionally, financially, emotionally in life. After working with Nehaa, I realised the mind shift I needed to leap into my success. Nehaa you are a rockstar when it comes to making people take action in life and grow. Thanks a lot.  

Kevin 39, Mumbai

Thank you for sharing such deep and transformational information Nehaa. It is amazing to feel like you can have access to a personal mentor one who's willing to give you the real "secrets" to shattering your fears and become a super achiever. I appreciate so much for helping me REWIRE my mindset using your strategies.” 

Akash 31, Ahmedabad

“After working with Nehaa, I feel like I can commit to my goals ! The way Nehaa breaks the process of perception change into feasible, simple, effective small daily actions is simply amazing.” 

Ritu Kapoor 37, Delhi

Nehaa's unique methodology of perception changing and her powerful 5 step system has made me a decision maker in life .

Nivedita, 41 Pune